John Rickards

About Me

That's me, here

I'm John Rickards. I write books of many different types, offer a variety of for-hire professional editing services, work freelance as a trade journalist, and many more things besides.

I'm a geeky, techie, occasionally photograph-y, gamery sort of guy. Professionally I believe I'm what's referred to as a 'hybrid author', in so much as my mother was a writer and my father was a lion, and some of my books are traditionally-published and some are self-published (and some have been both). I have children. And, much to my great distaste, one surviving cat.

'The Nameless Horror', referenced in both my email address and my blog (look, people ask), is a nickname I was given by the Great Beard Stuart MacBride many years ago when we were both debutant authors. Now he sleeps on a big bag stuffed with money and book awards and I'm writing my own bio. Still, since his other nickname for me is 'Spanky', it could be worse.